Arrow Mountain Sewing Gauge

Arrow Mountain Sewing Gauge

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This handy little bamboo gauge will help you with all your essential measurements. 
Comes with both metric and imperial measurements for ease of use. The vertical columns are divided into centimeters, while the horizontal rows are divided into common seam allowances in widths.

Being of unvarnished bamboo, it is great to use as a hem guide. Simply place the gauge near the hem, fold up hem edges to your desired measurement and press with an iron.

Also available for left handers - the position of the more commonly used 5/8" seam allowance is placed in a way that it would not be blocked by your dominant hand when being held.

Size: 7 cm | 2-3/4" wide, 5.5 cm | 2-1/8" high
Thickness: 0.18 cm | 1/16"

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