Calico Candle
Calico Candle

Calico Candle

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These beautiful candles have been specially created for Beyond Measure by Meyu candles in West Yorkshire and we hope this will be an ongoing collaboration.  We have decided to name the candle blends after some of our favourite textiles so we are delighted to introduce number one, the Calico Candle. 

The hand poured, soy wax candle contains a blend of clary sage, orange and lavender pure essential oils.  These naturally uplifting and stress busting oils combine together to create a beautiful and gentle aroma to clear you mind, focus and relax - perfect whilst creating!

180ml jars, burn time around 27 hours (please read the label for more details on maximising burn time)

~GMO free soy wax

~Ethically sourced, pure essential oils

~All natural ingredients

~Clean burning, long lasting and vegan friendly

~Reusable glass jars and no unnecessary packaging

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