Aneela Hoey Double Zip Box Pouch Printed Pattern

Aneela Hoey Double Zip Box Pouch Printed Pattern

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This printed paper pattern from designer Aneela Hoey is packed with illustrations and clear step by step instructions.

With a box shape exterior and 2 box shaped interior pockets, this pouch has plenty of storage capacity.

2 size options.

Zips up securely for travel or storage.

Leather or fabric handle options.

Great to use for sewing, knitting, kids toys, travel and more.

9 pages. 

No templates.

Fat Quarter friendly pattern.

Skill level - Intermediate. 


Small pouch (large pouch).

Fat quarter of quilting cotton for exterior.

1/2 yard of quilting cotton for lining. 

Fat eighth of quilting cotton for top strip.

1/2 (5/8) yard of 20" wide woven fusible interfacing.

1/4 yard of 45" wide fusible fleece (medium/high loft).

2 zippers 8" long (10" long).

Optional - 1 piece 6" x 2" (7" x 2") leather for handle.

Additional tools - binding clips, marking pencil, zipper foot, topstitch needle, paper tape.

Finished Sizes

Small - 8" x 4" x 5".
Large - 10" x 4" x 5".

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