Cohana Metal Button Weight


More gorgeousness from Cohana!  These cast iron button weights are made of Nambu ironware which has such a beautiful colour and texture; like those lovely little Japanese teapots, the surface is warm and tactile to the hand.  The brass version is spun, so has a smooth, sophisticated texture.  They are sold singly so can be used as a decoration or paper weight for the sewing room and they also hold pencils!  Build up a collection and use them as very special pattern weights – each one weights a whopping 350 grams so they are deceptively heavy.

They come in the exquisite packaging would expect from Cohana. Available in solid brass, or yellow, pink, aqua, blue, grey or black cast iron.  Go pastel or monochrome as you prefer.

Price is per ONE weight. Measure approx. 6 cm across.

If your chosen colour is out if stock, please email us to reserve from the next delivery.