100 Acts of Sewing July Kicks Off - and a catch up with Sonya Philip!

So we're off!  The second 100 Acts Of Sewing July kicks off for 2019 and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Please take a few moments to read this blog post to find out how to take part on Instagram and in our Facebook Group.

Here on the blog I'll be posting some interviews with our sponsors, some tutorials and hacks, plus showcasing some of my makes.

But first let's start with some news from the creator of 100 Acts of Sewing, Sonya Philip!  I caught up with her to see what has been happening over the last 12 months...

"I can hardly believe a whole year has gone by! Last summer, I taught an amazing week-long class at Arrowmont, a craft school in Tennessee. Then I helped move my daughter out to begin her first year of college. I designed the Array shirt pattern for issue 6 of Making magazine and just in May was the first Dress School at the Harveyville Project, located in a former rural school in Kansas. Along with local classes, it's been a time filled with lots of teaching and some life changes. I also have one or two exciting things that will come out later in the year. 

Yes, speaking of secret projects, I am writing a book! It will be a sewing workbook, with patterns and instructions on how to modify them. As you've shown with your own pattern hacks, it's possible to transform a simple pattern in multiple ways. I think that sewing your own clothes should really put you, the maker, in the driver's seat, with the power to make design decisions and this book will be a manual to show you how. 

The book is scheduled for release Spring 2021, which seems like such a long time. I will have to seriously practice delayed gratification!"

 Exciting news indeed!

And a massive thank you to Sonya for sponsoring our pin badges and one of our prize packages in Week 1 - a bundle of three sewing patterns from her range! 

So I hope you are all ready to get making and posting as we celebrate #100actsofsewingjuly!

 Grace x


  • Paula Coleman

    I’ve been reading about the 100 Acts of Sewing and your mention of Kansas caught my attention. I am from Topeka, KS. I am wondering if there may be a list of classes, as I am interested as to whether or not there is another class in Kansas. Your outfit is so cute! Thanks so much!

  • Carol Anne Duane

    Wow, It seems a long time to 2021 but it will fly past , I think the thing I have learned from her and you Grace, is having the courage to try and adapt the basic pattern once I have the pattern to base the project . I love the 100 acts of sewing . I now always try a toil , just usually the top part as that is where I usually adapt or make adjustments before cutting precious fabric. Carol

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