Shipping outside of the UK

Current Rates Jan 2023

EU £15 up to 2KG and order value UNDER £130/150 Euros*
Rest of World £18 up to 2KG

Weight limit

The weight limit on international parcels for our shipping is 2KG.  We will try to deliver all your goods in one parcel and most of the time this is possible.  However, if your order is large or made up of heavy or delicate items, then we may have to ship in more than one parcel.  We will then have to ask for an additional postage payment to help cover this.  We will always contact you before shipping to check this with you and arrange payement, or enable you to amend your order. 

*In the EU

We are now part of the IOSS scheme so if you are in a EU member state, you will pay taxes at checkout on your order and there should be not further tax to pay on entry to your country on orders under 150 Euros.  If your order totals more than 150 Euros then duty will be applied on entry to your country.  Please contact us before ordering over 150 Euros as we will need to organise an alternative shipping method and give you a quote for this.

Outside the EU

If you are outside the UK but not in an EU member state, when you place your order, the sales tax is deducted.  Tax does not apply to books. 

We will then export the parcel to you using Royal Mail.  You may have to pay tax on your goods at your country's rate as they enter your country.  You may also have duty and fees to pay depending on your country and the goods that you have ordered.  You will need to pay any fees and taxes before your parcel is released for delivery.

At this stage, we cannot predict the cost of the fees/duty/tax that is due as each country will have different rules and allowances on imports.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions at checkout, then you agree to be responsible for payment of any fees/duty/tax incurred by your order.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.