Bird Can Fox - unique pincushion delights!

A few weeks ago I got a message from Liz of of Birdcanfox Ceramics.  She asked me if I'd be interested in working together on some pincushions as she had made a few designs  - they brought together her love of sewing and ceramics.  Of course having seen her work, I was really flattered that she had asked me and jumped at the chance!  So here we are with a beautiful little collection for you just in time for Christmas.
Liz is based in Bristol and has been sculpting for the last 8 years in her garden studio under the watchful beady eyes of her cats, Marshmallow and Missy. Liz is inspired by flora and fauna, illustration, anthropomorphism and story telling which she tries to capture in her characterful work.  The last three years have seen successful collaborations with Anthropologie, who have reproduced Liz's designs in a popular Christmas range of homewares. "It allows me to reach a wider audience which is exciting, though nothing beats being knuckle deep in porcelain clay!"
Over the years Liz has in dabbled in numerous crafts including paper crafts, upcycling, jewellery making, needle felting and sewing.
Says Liz  "Sewing was my favourite of these and is something I still love to do. Getting to use sewing and sculpting to make this collection of tortoise pincushions has been particularly satisfying! "
This gorgeous little collection of tortoise pincushions is exclusively available at Beyond Measure this winter.  Each one is hand modelled by Liz and goes through three firing processes as they are decorated with ceramic stain, glaze, and 22ct gold lustre.  The cushions pads are then hand made by Liz using up-cycled velvet fabric.  
I hope you agree that they are something rather special and will make such a charming addition to your sewing room!  There is a limited number available in the shop - you can choose from a pink or grey cushion.
Thank you Liz for working with us and creating such beautiful work!

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