My Favourite Wooden Sewing Tools

My shop has always been built around natural materials where possible - and in my opinion nothing beats real wood - it feels delightful in the hand and wears beautifully.  With natural grain, each piece is always unique too!  I'm not saying you should get rid of the tools you already have, but if you do ever need to replace them, then wood is a good option to consider for practicality and aesthetics.

Here are some of my favourite Beyond Measure wooden tools:

wooden stitch seam ripper

We all need to take out stitches from time to time, but luckily this beautiful stitch ripper will make it a pleasure, not a chore – just read the reviews to see! With a handmade wooden handle and replaceable blades, it is a much more sustainable option than the throwaway plastic models you find on the high street. We get out handles turned in Wales and the blades from Japan, so the whole thing is top quality and just a beautiful thing!

2. Wooden magnetic notions block

pin block magnetic
I cannot be without one of these when sewing – it makes it easy to keep your sharp pins and needles safe. The weighty solid wooden block is magnetic on both sides so you can even hide little scissors or bobbins in the recessed side.  Great for picking up pin spillages too.  Made in the UK exclusively for us.

3. Sewing Gauges by Arrow Mountain

wooden sewing gauges

Tool and button creator Ho-mei of Arrow Mountain has been providing us with her little wooden sewing gadgets since 2018 and they have always been a firm favourite.  Designed to measure tricky allowances, narrow seams and awkward placements, they are easier to handle than a normal tape measure and have too many uses to mention!  They are laser cut from wooden ply and marked with both cm and inches.  The right angle gauge is great for quilters and measuring small pattern pieces. The little seam gauge also comes in a left-handed version!

4. Wooden Awl

wooden awls
An awl is not just for making holes, but it does do that of course! Use if when inserting rivets, starting the cut on a buttonhole or marking darts on paper patterns. You can also use it for guiding small and tricky seams through your sewing machine and any other general pokey jobs.  Our awls are high quality, made in Japan with beech handles and steel.

5. Nonaka Screwpunch

Nonaka Screwpunch
The screwpunch also has myriad uses similar to an awl but I like it best for punching placement holes on patterns - it is so easy and fun to use with its torque action! It can also be used on paper, card and firm fabrics.  It is also very useful for punching holes for rivets or use it on soft leather for a brogue effect.   Everyone who has bought this from me absolutely raves about it - you won't regret the investment.  

6. Wooden Clapper

wooden clapper

You may not think you need a clapper until you have used one! They give a really professional look to your seams, especially on heavier fabrics such as wool. Use lots of steam and a pressing cloth to open the seam, then drop the clapper on top to give it a clean and crisp finish. These ones are made in the UK by Laura Ter Kuile from solid reclaimed wood.

7. Point Turner

These point turners are also made by Laura Ter Kuile and do exactly what they say - use them for gently poking out your points, corners, collars and pockets.  They have a crisp point but it's not sharp enough to make a hole - though always go easy and work the point through gently.
Let me know if you have any other wooden favourites!
Grace x

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