What I made in January 2023

You may have seen my Instagram post in January bemoaning my lack of un-scruffy clothes.  I thought that a monthly catch up would keep me motivated and accountable – so here it is!
This year, each month I will share any item that I have finished – this will most probably be a sewn garment but it could also be a piece of knitting, an accessory, or a household item.  Some months I may have one thing – some month several – but I do aim for at least one.
I’ve decided also to set myself a few guidelines. I am enjoying being part of the JaWol community on Might Networks, hosted by Saskia de Feijter, where we have a focus on creating sustainable wardrobes using knitting, sewing and mending.  Checkout Saskia's podcast for loads of inspiration.  Moving house a couple of years back made my truly assess the number of resources I have readily to hand!  So, my guidelines are….
  • Fabric should be from my extensive stash where possible.
  • Pattern should also be from stash where possible – I need to pause if I get tempted by something new and check first what I already have.
  • It should be something that I can generally wear (and think that I will wear) on an everyday basis, but I am allowing myself some extra nice things for shows and events.
  • I will keep my workspace tidy and batch cut/sew when possible to save time and focus my energy.
  • I will try and finish or recycle the UFOs from my box
I started off with some batch cutting at New Year, so now I am happy to reveal my first finished pieces of 2023!
The Lacewing Top from Marilla Walker
Why – I sell this pattern in the shop so wanted to test it out and had already started sewing it before Christmas. I also loved the idea of a small, cosy cape to keep my neck and shoulders warm as I’ve had problems with this part of my body over the last few years – heat and comfort help to keep the stiffness away.

What – a thick wool blend that I have had for years.  It works well but didn’t have quite the amount of stretch needed…. I made the version with no opening and the stand-up collar for a cosy winter layer.

How – I cut a size 3 view C2.  I later realised my collar would not go over my head due to the lack of stretch in my fabric – but I had enough to recut and fitted it into the existing neckline without any changes – wool is pretty forgiving!  I bound the edges of the top with my new organic wool binding

– love this little layer – it is immediately cosy, stylish and comfortable.  I also love the subtle hem shape and the tiny underarm seams which really elevate it from just being a cape.  I now want to try a floaty version for summer!

The Big Easy Top from the Maker’s Atelier

Why - One of my favourite patterns – you can make the basic cowl neck pullover in about an hour!  It is comfy and easy to fit but has a lovely stylish neckline. I have made two previously and worn them to death.

What – a beautiful wool knit from Fabric Godmother – I bought it years ago - Josie always has lovely fabrics
How – I made the size M of the funnel neck version as usual – I made the sleeve using the narrow sleeve pattern piece but instead of cutting the curved sides, I draw a straight line from underarm to cuff to get a slightly less fitted sleeve.  
Verdict – I am so glad to get to wear this fabric at last!  It is comfy and cosy but also light.  It is more floppy than other fabrics I have used for this pattern, so I may take the neck in a little if I find it flops too much.  But a definite win – I am wearing it as I type!
So the year had started steadily and I’m pretty pleased so far.  Next up on my wish list will be another Belemnite dress and some basics – t-shirts and maybe trousers – see you next month!

Grace x


  • Louise Vaughan

    I love these. Would they be suitable for beginners?

  • Ulrike

    Well done for taking us on this journey. Your first makes of the year look fabulous! Very wearable but also stylish. :-)

  • Katie

    Both of these are fabulous. The lacewing top is such a great shape. They both really suit you.

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