Embroidery Magazine July/August 2022
Embroidery Magazine July/August 2022
Embroidery Magazine July/August 2022

Embroidery Magazine July/August 2022

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We are delighted to be stocking Embroidery Magazine. This gorgeous magazine is published six times a year and is packed full of in-depth artist profiles, artist’s essays, reviews of the latest textile books and exhibitions, news & listings of fashion and textile exhibitions in the UK and abroad, along with inspirational images.

The magazine aims to bring you the best of embroidery and textiles, talking to makers and artists who share their passion for embellishing the surface – giving readers a unique insight into all facets of this sumptuous craft.

Includes articles on:

The Sewing Room - Priscilla Edwards’s studio is brimful of found and collected objects, each set to inspire the next exquisite sculptural textile artwork.

The Good Luck Talisman - Victoria Baumgartner was born in Ukraine and after rediscovering her stitching skills has turned her hand to Ukrainian flower crown embroidery as a way of raising funds for those affected by the war and bringing refugees and locals together.

One of a Kind - David Morrish styles himself a ‘disruptive designer’ currently looking to dress personalities who want to be noticed.

The Subversive Stitcher - Holly Searle’s tea towels make their mark with startling juxtaposition of slogans and twee designs.

Out of this World - The Jenny King Embroidery Studio reveals how they handled the exacting job of designing and stitching 15,000 beads on to Eurovision entrant Sam Ryder’s galactic jumpsuit.

A Growth Mindset - Sue Rangeley is a highly skilled textile artist whose career started in the heyday of the 1960s and kept going on an upward trajectory.

70 Years, 70 Voices - Iconoclast Jamie Holman tells us why his work for a royal commission is a little out of the ordinary.

Royal School of Needlework - Meet Dr Susan Kay-Williams, chief executive of this venerable institution, as she compares the modern day organisation with that of the past.

Coastal Blues - Deborah Campbell had an epiphany on the Scottish coast and then set about publicising the plight of sea birds through textiles.

The Kyrgyz matriarchs with golden hands - Firouz FarmanFarmaian spent months with the women who make shyrdak rugs for his Venice Biennale show.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall - Australian national Susan Doherty is an unusual artist who is influenced by the art of the Pacific Rim, especially that of Papua New Guinea.

Fragmented Stories - June Hill continues her illuminating series highlighting fascinating artefacts from history with this look at the Bacton Altar Cloth, thought to have been made from the only extant element of Elizabeth I’s dresses.

Capturing Hearts and Minds - Amanda Stinton was delighted to win the Visitors’ Choice Prize at the Fashion and Embroidery Show 2022 in March.

Plus events, reviews and more!

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