100 Acts of Sewing July '19 - Week 4 Sponsor In the Wool Shed and a Dress No 3 Hack

I'm really delighted to have In the Wool Shed back for 100 Acts of Sewing July '19!

You can read my interview with Emma from last year to find out her business and their beautiful yarns and fabrics she sells. 

I decided to use some of this floaty block print cotton do do a quick hack for Dress week (see below for prize details!).

I chose to use the pattern Dress No 3 as I have not really used it as much as some of the other patterns.  It does come up large (it is designed as a loose throw-over style) so I actually sized right down from a M to an XS for this little peplum top hack. I think next time I would also bring the neckline in as it feels a bit wide. 

This hack is really easy to do and gives the dress a very different feel.

First decide where you want the fuller gathered area to start.  I cut my pattern to just below the armhole curve - including a half inch seam allowance.

Make up your shoulder and sleeve/side seams of the dress as per the instructions - you can do the neckline now or after you have done the gathered area.

Now measure the total circumference of the bottom opening.  Your fabric will need to be one and half times to twice the total length of this, depending on how gathered you want it.  Mine was about one and a half times my top circumference.  

Cut out a rectangle:

Width based on your measurement calculated above plus one inch for the seams (if you have to join two pieces of fabric you'll need to add a bit more for those seam allowances too)

Height based on the length you want the peplum to be, plus half an inch seam at the top and an inch for the hem. 

Join your fabric into one large rectangle if you need too - if you have two pieces the same size you could even add side seam pockets!  Mark your top edge into quarters to make your gathering more even.  Mark the centre front and centre back of your top piece.  

Now gather the top edge of your peplum piece until it fits to the bottom of your top section.  I use the longest stitch and tightest tension on my machine and gather as I go - leave long thread tails in case you need to let out your gathers. 

Right sides together and smoothing your gathers downwards as you go, pin and tack the gathered peplum piece to your top. Match the sides and centres of your top with the quarters of your peplum piece for even gathering.  

With gathers on top, stitch all around with a half inch seam and then neaten the edges together with an overlocker or zig zag stitch.

Press well and hem the bottom edge.  Voila!

You could use this hack for lots of the 100 Acts of sewing dress or shirt patterns.

So a big thank you again to In the Wool Shed for being a sponsor and here's a reminder of how to take part in 100 Acts of Sewing July Week 4!

Always use the hashtag #100actsofsewingjuly19 – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!

plus follow and tag @beyond_measure_uk plus our sponsors this week

@inthewoolshed @dovetailedlondon

For Prize A a fabric prize from In the Wool Shed, you just need to post any finished garment made from a 100 Acts of Sewing pattern.

For Prize B, a fabric prize from Dovetailed, post a hack on the 100 Acts of Sewing pattern Dressno1, Dress No2 or Dress No3.  A hack is your own take or variation using the original pattern as a base. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like.

Please post by 9am GMT Monday 29th July to enter Week 4.

See the blog in (link in my highlights) for full details and how to take part in the 100ActsofsewingJuly Facebook Group









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