Daruma Kogin needles

Daruma Yokota Kogin Needles

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These needles from Daruma are used for kogin embroidery, a traditional Japanese form of counted stitching. Kogin features geometric patterns worked on evenweave fabrics over an odd thread count, usually 1, 3 or 5. It originated in the north of Japan, women stitched onto clothes made from linen and hemp to reinforce them and to create layers to provide warmth. Originally white cotton thread was used on indigo dyed cloth. Different patterns became popular in different areas and over time kogin embroidery has evolved from a necessity to an art form.

The needles are blunt as they are used on cloth that already has holes. They are long so that several stitches can be worked at once, like with sashiko. The eye is larger than that of a sashiko needle as kogin thread is thicker than sashiko thread.

Thickness 1.06 mm x Length 65 mm.

There are two needles in a pack.

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