Tulip Hiroshima Bullion Knot Needles

Tulip Hiroshima Bullion Knot Needles

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These beautiful quality needles are made in Hiroshima, which for over 300 years has been the needle making centre of Japan. The needles are exceptionally smooth and strong, with just the right amount of flexibility. The points have undergone special high-density abrasive polishing treatment for sharpness, allowing the needles to glide easily through fabric. They come packaged in a small corked storage phial inside a stylish box.

Bullion Knot needles are long and straight with a large but narrow eye which allows the thread to easily and smoothly pull through the stitch.

Each pack contains 4 needles:

1.14 x 65 mm x 2 needles.
1.14 x 60 mm x 2 needles.

0.91 x 51.5 mm x 2 needles.
0.84 x 51.5 mm x 2 needles.

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