100 Acts of Sewing July – Week 3 Sponsor is Faberwood !

Today we are chatting to Fiona from online fabric retailer Faberwood, Week 3 sponsor of 100 Acts of Sewing July.  Fiona has donated 2m of one of her unique Ikat fabrics for the week 3 Instagram winner.  You can’t buy these fabrics anywhere else!  See this post for how to enter week 3.     […]

100 Acts of Sewing July – Adding cuffs to Shirt No 1

I am going to share my method of adding a cuff to your Shirt No 1.  These are double sided cuffs so can be turned back if you like for a different look and a shorter sleeve. Why would you want to add a cuff you may ask?  Well here are a few reasons: To […]

100 Acts of Sewing July – In the Wool Shed – Week 2 Sponsor

I first met Emma, 0wner of In the Wool Shed, at Yarnigham in Birmingham a couple of years ago.  I couldn’t resist the soft colours of the little indigo yarn cakes on their stall, so we ended up chatting and I ended up buying!  Fast forward a few yarn shows to Wonderwool this year – […]

100 Acts of Sewing July – Another method for adding a bias facing

Finishing a neckline or armhole with bias facing can be a bit tricky, but there are a few ways to do it.  This method is pretty foolproof and is great for adding a decorative bias band to the right side of your garment at the neckline or armhole.   Also you don’t need a bias tape maker […]

100 Acts of Sewing July – In Conversation with Sonya Philip our Week 1 sponsor

Sonya Philip is the creator of the 100 Acts of Sewing patterns.  She is a maker, sewist, knitter, activist and mother.  Much as I’d love to go and interview Sonya face to face, San Francisco is a bit too far for the weekend. So for the last few weeks we’ve been bouncing a few questions […]

Dress No 1 Square neck with all-in-one facing – burrito method!

On my first Dress No 1 by 100 Acts of Sewing,  I decided on a bit of a whim to make a square neck. It’s one of my favourite necklines and I just love how it looks!  By its nature, it obviously isn’t curved, so bias binding really isn’t really the best finish for the […]

100 Acts of Sewing July – some thoughts on fitting your clothes and making toiles

The joy of making your own clothes is about making things that you like that fit your body! However, making clothes fit (or making something that disappointingly doesn’t fit) can be one of the biggest issues in dressmaking – as individuals each of our bodies has its own unique shape – few of us fit […]

100 Acts of Sewing July – the prizes!

So, we all know that 100 Acts of Sewing July is not a competition, right?  Good! But I do have some prizes to make it fun!  There will be one sponsor prize each week randomly selected from Instagram posts, plus I will be donating a weekly prize from Beyond Measure, selected from posts in the […]

#100 Acts of Sewing July is nearly here! Here’s how you take part.

July is nearly here! So it’s nearly time for #100actsofsewingjuly! Hopefully you’ve had chance to look at my previous blog posts about Sonya and her patterns here, and also my intro to the month here, so this is just a little bit more info about how #100actsofsewingjuly will shape up.  It’s the first time I’ve […]

A goodbye to Ernest Wright & Son

  I was so sad to learn that Ernest Wright and Son will be closing the doors of their factory for the last time this week.  I have worked with them since the start of my business as I wanted to sell quality, traceable scissors that were built to last.  Their products have been at […]

100 Acts of Sewing July is coming….

Exciting news for the summer everyone! We’ve had such a great response to the 100 Acts of Sewing patterns in the UK that Sonya and I thought it would be lovely to spend the month of July celebrating your makes, sharing tips and generally spreading the love that goes with making these lovely garments! We’ll […]

100 Acts of Sewing patterns – they’re here!

100 Acts of Sewing patterns are back! Ok, I know for some of you they weren’t here in the first place – they sold like hot (yarn) cakes at Edinburgh Yarn Festival and the final few barely made it to the website listing before they were whisked off to eager sewists. But a large box […]

‘We’ won!! Craft Business Awards 2018

I am never really sure how to refer to my business.  Most of the time it is just ‘me’ working away, and I do feel it is very much my baby.  But there are so many others involved that it really does become a ‘we’ for a lot of the time. So, I am delighted […]

Cohana style!

Now did you know that on the 8th February the Kanto region of Japan celebrate Hari-Kuyō, the Festival of Broken Needles? It is a celebration of all the sewing needles and pins broken in their service during the past year and an opportunity to pray for improved sewing skills.  People gather at Shinto or Buddhist temples and stick […]

Beyond Measure nominated for an award! And a big thank you….

Beyond Measure has been shortlisted for a Craft Business award! How exciting!  I entered this a few weeks ago as I thought it would be nice to be part of something that acknowledges all the hard work that goes into running a small business.   The awards are sponsored by Association for Creative Industries and recognise […]

Louise Lockhart of The Printed Peanut

It’s nearly time for the Beyond Measure Open Weekend.  I am busy clearing the space and making room as I am sharing the studio with artist and illustrator Louise Lockhart, the Printed Peanut. It’s been almost a year now since I introduced the SEW panels, designed by Louise, to my shop.  I loved Louise’s work […]

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